Upcoming Trend In E-Commerce: Amazon Replaces 360° Photos With 3D Models

Upcoming Trend In E-Commerce: Amazon Replaces 360° Photos With 3D Models

In the digital world of e-commerce, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to bring customers as close as possible to the products they want to buy. One of the latest developments in this direction is the move from traditional 360° photos to 3D models, particularly on the Amazon platform.

Traditional 360° photography has long been considered an excellent way to allow customers to view a product from all angles and get a better idea of its appearance and detail. However, nowadays, as technology continues to evolve, new options are emerging that go even further.

Amazon and other e-commerce platforms have started to integrate 3D models into their product pages. These decisions have the potential to fundamentally change the way customers shop online, as 3D models offer a number of benefits that traditional photos cannot provide.

One of the key advantages of 3D models is the ability to integrate animations. These allow customers to see what the product looks like in motion or what features it has. This can create a much stronger impression than a static photo and help customers better visualize how the product works and how it could fit into their lives.

Another advantage of 3D models is their relatively low data consumption. Unlike videos, which can slow page load times and consume customer data, 3D models allow for a smooth product viewing experience with minimal impact on page load speed. This is key to keeping customers’ attention and providing them with a smooth and seamless shopping experience.

The ability to view a 3D model of the product in your own home is another interesting feature offered by these models. Customers can get a better idea of how the product will fit into their environment and how it will look in real life. This interactive approach can increase customer confidence in the accuracy of their decision and lead to higher conversion.

Overall, it can be expected that gradually 360° photos in e-shops will be partially or completely replaced by 3D models. These models offer a completely new way to present products to customers online and could fundamentally change the way we shop online. With animation integration, low data consumption and interactive viewing capabilities, 3D models have the potential to revolutionise the online shopping experience.

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