is among the biggest leaders and innovators among e-shops specializing in consumer electronics in the Czech market. A few days ago, they announced the implementation of an AR feature into their application for selected product segments.

About three quarters of a year ago, Alza approached us to collaborate on implementing AR into their e-shop. We discussed their expectations with them and offered several solutions available on the market today. Eventually, the choice fell on a simple solution from Google, which has done tremendous work over the past year, and the capabilities that their solution offers clearly target practical use of AR in online shopping. One thing is the implementation of AR, and another is the content. Even though some vendors already have 3D models of their products available, they are mostly not suitable for AR. We took care of this as well and created 3D models of their products in segments such as TVs, refrigerators, and Samsung mobiles, which were the most interesting for Alza. For some products, we created animations that both the vendors and Alza were excited about. Personally, I believe that 3D animations are the future. I will elaborate more on their utilization and potential sometime in the future.

Although the implementation of AR currently remains only in the Alza mobile application, which you can download for Android here or for iOS here, I believe that the implementation directly into the web e-shop won’t be far behind. The implementation is equally straightforward and offers a whole range of additional useful features for the end customer. But more on that next time.

If you want to try out the showcased refrigerator, look for Gorenje NRS9182VB in the Alza app.