Increasing demands on the quality of 3D models and the importance of colour standardisation by Khronos Group

Increasing demands on the quality of 3D models and the importance of colour standardisation by Khronos Group

In today’s digital age, 3D models are becoming an essential tool for product presentation, gradually replacing traditional product photography. Customers expect 3D models to provide accurate and realistic colour reproduction that matches real products. This trend is particularly evident in e-commerce, where visual fidelity can decisively influence purchasing decisions.

One of the main advantages of using 3D models is their interactivity and flexibility. Unlike static photos, 3D models allow customers to view products from different angles and explore their features in detail. This ability provides users with a richer and more informative experience that can lead to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

However, the move to 3D models also brings a number of challenges. Customers are becoming increasingly demanding of the quality of these models, which means that 3D models must not only be visually impressive, but also technically perfect. Accurate rendering of colours and materials is a key factor, and they must be realistic and match the actual products. This requires sophisticated technologies and standards, such as the Khronos PBR Neutral Tone Mapper, to ensure consistent and accurate color representation in all lighting conditions.

The importance of Khronos PBR Neutral Tone Mapper standardization for accurate color rendering

Khronos Group’s recently published Khronos PBR Neutral Tone Mapper standardization represents a significant step towards ensuring maximum color rendering accuracy when rendering 3D models on the web. This standard allows product colors in a 3D model to accurately match the actual product colors. The importance of this standardization is that it provides a uniform way in which colors are processed and displayed, which is key to consistent visual presentation of products across different devices and platforms.

The Khronos PBR Neutral Tone Mapper implementation is based on Physically Based Rendering (PBR), which simulates how light interacts with material surfaces. This approach allows for a high degree of realism, where materials and colors look natural and consistent regardless of lighting conditions. Standardising the processes that determine how colours are displayed minimises the risk of variation and ensures that the resulting image meets the expectations of users and manufacturers.

Our company has implemented this standard into our workflow, which includes customizing our applications to fully match the Khronos PBR Neutral Tone Mapper. This step also includes calibrating our systems to be able to reproduce colors according to the specifications of the standard. This implementation allows us to offer our customers accurate and consistent representations of their products in 3D models, which is crucial for e-commerce and other applications where color fidelity is important.

We support our customers in the implementation of this standard, Our support ensures that their products are presented on the website in the correct colors, increasing credibility and end-user satisfaction.

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